Vehicle Inspection

At Sonsini, there is not much we won’t do to ensure proper service of your imported automobile. Nobody will take better care of your car, no matter what it needs. We want to ensure your vehicle is the safest it can be and operating effeciently.


Diagnostic Services

If something on your vehichle is not operating as it should, bring it to our service center and our experienced mechanics will get to the root cause of the issues you are having. We specialize in European Imports such as BMW, Saab, Mercedes, Jaguar, Porche, Mercedes and Audi. We are considered the best in the Philadelphia area!


Performance Upgrades

If there are upgrades you want to do to your European Import, Fred Sonsini and his staff are the experts to take it too. In business since 1982 we are the Philadelphia Regions’ leading Import Auto Services Center.



Our customers love our service!
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About Us

Our interesting story

Fred opened his first automotive shop in Italy when he was 19. When presented with the opportunity to move to the New York area and work on European-manufactured performance race cars, he jumped at the offer. Shortly thereafter, Fred began working for various foreign luxury automotive dealers.

Fred loved his work, but was dismayed with the level of service provided by the dealership service departments for which he worked. In 1982, he opened Fred Sonsini, Inc., in the hopes of providing his clients with the best service that could be found in the Montgomery County area.